This post first appeared on my old blog in April 2020. It is preserved, but maybe not updated, here.

I was training for a half marathon in May 2020. Training three days a week. Increasingly longer runs each time. Ya know. Preparing. Then COVID-19 hit the US. I'm now on week 3 of working from home and the race is

canceled postponed.

Coincidentally I've been eating so poorly (for so long) that increasing miles weren't decreasing pounds.

Thus far we're still allowed to go outdoors for exercise as long as we maintain social distance. I lack a big firm goal of a half marathon, but don't want to regress back into the comfortable laziness I've been enjoying for far too long. So I've decided to modify my exercise regimen to (at least initially) involve more frequent but shorter runs.

Also I'm going to count calories, which in the past has been the key to actually successfully losing weight. If I don't count, I don't make much progress and regress quickly. Oh and being accountable helps.

So here we go. Time to be accountable to the Internet and improve my life while on "lock down."

This is the weight I've lost. I want to lose ~2 pounds per week, which in the past has been attainable. I want to lose ~30 pounds, so I'm looking at about 13 weeks (91 days) here. This will put me at a BMI of ~22, squarely within the "normal" range of 18.5-24.9.

main weight plot

Here are the runs I've gone on.

main run plot