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BM v5.0.0 is Released

Posted on 04 Mar 2020 by Matt Traudt


Hey look. This dead project is getting a new major version. Don't count on this continuing to happen! ;)


The default/bundled markdown parser is changed from to cmark-gfm. While making the change, I sometimes noticed the content of my pages being rendered differently. Once the change was finally fully made, however, the content renders the same. I have no idea why it would be different, nor do I know what I was doing to make it break/unbreak.

Thus, to be cautious, I'm calling this a breaking change. Thus a new major version for BM is required.

The full spec for Github Flavored Markdown is here. BM bundles cmark-gfm v0.29.0, so assuming the spec still says it applies to that version at the top, BM should support everything you read there. I haven't tested anything other than strikethrough and

tables tables
tables tables

I do not expect to update the bundled cmark-gfm with any regularity. I don't even expect to update BM!

Other new features

Since v4.0.0

A static directory. Put stuff in static/ and it will be copied to build/static/. Put your resume at static/docs/resume.pdf and link to it with [my resume](/static/docs/resume.pdf).

RSS feed generation. I think I implemented it poorly. I don't know. I don't use RSS feeds.