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The Last Onion Service Index

This post first appeared on my old blog in May 2017. It is preserved, but maybe not updated, here.

Furthermore, as of Decembmer 2020, I am not hosting the index anywhere.

I made a thing.

http://jld3zkuo4b5mbios.onion and http://vwx4mjvwoszgnagzcrwdjlsq3pq3zyob3zpq5qissxdoivnuyylzn7yd.onion (it used to be available at onions.system33.pw and ypqmhx5z3q5o6beg.onion)

Most of what I wanted to say about it I've already said at those links above.

It got picked up by Motherboard, and then a few other sites picked it up. This was supposed to be a stupid little Saturday project. It isn't interesting. It isn't exciting.