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Posted on 28 Aug 2016 by Matt Traudt

Last upated 21 Jan 2018 at 8:50 am

I work for the Naval Research Lab doing research and development on Tor.

I'm interested in preserving people's online privacy. I run some services for the benefit of others, even if there usually isn't anyone else interested in using them.

Tor relays:

(plus 3 or 4 more)

Gitea instance: http://m6su7s3ir7dxggwg.onion (or the v3 onion)

Robohash instance: http://5rqvahiexxwm4p6m.onion (or the v3 onion)






KIST is a new scheduler for Tor. It is merged into the 0.3.2 series. It prioritizes low-bandwidth, bursty traffic (web traffic) over high-bandwidth, continuous traffic.

https://arxiv.org/abs/1709.01044 and http://www.robgjansen.com/publications/kist-sec2014.pdf

BM - Blog Maker

Project link

BM is no longer maintained.

This blog-like website is created with bm.

BM is a set of scripts that use common GNU utilities to dynamically create a static blog. See the README at the project page linked above for more information.


Project link

For my senior project, I worked on adding group chat to Ricochet. With the help of my advisor, Dr. Eugene Vasserman, I developed a set of protocols called Shrapnel that can be used for robust, secure group messaging.

The progress I made in implementing Shrapnel in Ricochet can be found here. I implemented everything but


Project link

Movenseed is a python3 script that's handy for continuing to seed files after moving, renaming, and reorganizing them.

First you run the prework stage either on a directory containing the correctly-organized files for seeding or a .torrent file. Then you stop seeding while you do all the moving and reorganizing you want. Finally, you run the postwork stage on the directories that have the renamed/reorganized files in order to create symbolic links to them in the original directory. See the README at the project page linked above for more information.

Generally speaking, this script is helpful in many instances of semi-manual data deduplication.